Our Story

Hi, I’m Sarah! The founder and chef of Lily Lunch Box in San Diego, California. Being native to San Diego, I grew up eating California burritos and infinite amounts of 7-11 slurpees and sour candy. As a child I was pretty active and participated in a lot of competitive sports including softball and cheerleading-  which I often used as a justification to stuff my face full of cheese fries and happy meals during team half-times. Not gonna lie- it was great! The saying “ignorance is bliss” really holds true to the mentality that we have regarding food and health in this country. Consequently this gets passed down to our children, resulting in the major health problems that are affecting us today.

This reality check came my freshman year of college after taking my first Health & Nutrition class and learning crazy nonsense about prevention through diet and the correlations between unhealthful foods and early onset of disease. NO! NO! NO! I didn’t want to hear it- I loved my carne asada fries too much! But it was too late. The “damage” was done. Once this knowledge and enlightenment set in had no choice but to do something about it. So I began to eat healthier one carrot at a time. Trust me, this was hard at first and took time-- especially when I told my family! But, everyone came around and things got easier. By the time I graduated with my BA in Health Sciences, I was a pro and knew that in order to spark real change for people to eat healthier (especially children) I would need to start with the basics...COOKING!

I decided to attend the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. Here I learned how to professionally cook plant-based cuisine inspired from healthy and thriving cultures from all around the world! Here is a picture of me at graduation :) 

Through college, culinary school, and being a part of amazing organizations such as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM),  I learned that healthy eating habits start young—really young! Setting our children up for success though healthful eating is one of the best gifts that we can pass down to future generations. Hopefully, this will decrease the prevalence of preventative diseases that currently plague our country as a result of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is high in fat, processed sugar, and animal products.

This passion and thirst for change is the sole reason why I have created Lily Lunch Box. Families today are very busy and barely have enough time to spend together—let alone cook! And on top of that lunches at schools are filled with yucky preservatives and artificial nonsense! The convenience of healthy, organic meals especially designed for children will hopefully help set them up for success, while also helping lower the stress of parents who want their children to eat healthier but just don’t have the time. I’ve made these nutritious and delicious products just for you! I hope your children enjoy them and with the time saved grocery shopping and cooking, you ultimately get to focus on the things in life that are truly important…your family!